Pumps and Filtration

Pumps and Filtration

Clean pond water by pumping water through a filter and use a UV lamp to kill algae.

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Product no.: PA2

Pond air pump which needs to be protected from weather by installing within a building or suitable weatherproof enclosure. Output 5.5 litre per minute. Maximun pumping depth 1.4 metres. Maximum pond size 4500 litre / 100 gallons. Power consumption 5 watts. Voltage 220-240v (50Hz). Supplied with 2 x 8 metre lengths of silicone airline & 2 x 50mm ball airstones. The pump has a fitted indoor use plug.

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Product no.: PPR3

Pontec Pondorell 3000 Combined pump, filter and Ultraviolet system.

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Product no.: IPN6

9 Watt 24 volt Neptune 600 low voltage pump with indoor use transformer featuring simple plug in 5 metre low voltage cable from the pump. The transformer is not weatherproof and therefore must be housed in a building or suitable enclosure. The pump has a very long lasting hard wearing ceramic spindle on which the impellor rotates and has proved incredibly reliable. The outlet of the pump takes a 12 / 13 mm (1/2") bore flexible hose. The pump & transformer are supplied unboxed. Due to the small intake strainer this pump is unsuitable for fish ponds as the particles in the water will clog the strainer very quickly and restrict the water flow.

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Product no.: PFF12000

Replacement filter foam for Bioforse 12000 / 24000 filter.

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Product no.: PR2000

Replacement rotor for Oase Aquarius 2000 pump.

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Product no.: OFL160

Ex display Low Voltage floating light.160mm diameter smoked coloured acrylic globe contains 5 watt halogen light and cable. Supplied with ex display indoor transformer. Box is damaged but contents intact.

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Product no.: OF2500

In pool multifunction filter with 7 watt UV and 600 l/h pump. For ponds up to 1300 litres capacity (2500 litres with no fish). Supplied with 10m mains cable and 2 year manufacturers guarantee.

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Product no.: UV7

7 watt Bermuda Ultra Violet Lamp

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Product no.: UV9

TMC ultra violet lamp, 9 Watts

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Product no.: UV11

TMC 11 watt Ultra Violet Lamp

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Product no.: UV13

Philips 13 watt Ultra Violet Lamp

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Product no.: UV18

Philips 18 watt Ultra Violet Lamp

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Product no.: FG1

Plastic filter grid with mesh size of 1.8 cm x 1.8 cm approx.

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