Lotus Green2Clean 6000 pond filter

Lotus Green2Clean 6000 pond filter

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Lotus Green2Clean 6000 pond filter
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Dark green coloured box pond filter with stepped inlet adaptor for flexi hoses to fit 3/4", 1", 1.25" & 1.5" bore hose. Supplied with 18 cm Rigid 38mm (1.5") bore outlet pipe. Suitable for up to 6000 litres of pond water without fish or 3000 litres of pond water with goldfish, shubunkins, orfe etc (no Koi). We do not recommend the use of this filter where koi are present in the pond as the box will clog up frequently due to the high volume of solids produced by koi.

Recommended flow through the filter of approx 2270 litres per hour.

The unit has an 8 watt ultraviolet built into the lid. The UV lamp requires renewing after 6 months of use. If timed correctly, one new lamp per year will suffice as the ultraviolet is not needed during the autumn & winter months due to the reduced sunlight. Around Easter is usually a good time to fit a new lamp and to clean the quartz sleeve (see manufacturers instruction). 

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